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According to the order of Supreme Court in 2006,registering marriage is mandatory for all kinds of marriages, even if it is a traditional marriage.


Name Change in Thane is carried out in legal, social, and personal scenarios. It can be due to change religion, caste, and marriage.


The economic prosperity of the population in India is not so good, but the marriages is an extravagant and loud event in a Hindu community.


A church is always a universal organization of a Christian marriage. It starts with selecting the life partner in which the youths are free to choose their life-partners.

Thane Court Marriage


A court marriage is a kind of marriage recorded, performed, and recognized by the authorities of Government. One can also consider it as an authorized way to solemnized a relationship. In India, such marriages are performed under the Special Marriage Act, 1954.

These days, it is highly popularizing among youths. The main reason behind its popularity is even after modernization youths are still facing problems while dealing with their parents and society for getting married to their love buddies.We provide Court marriage in thane and court marriage in mumbai locations.These days it is quite easy to get married through it. It is more prevalent in urban society.So visit Thane court marriage to arrange pleasurable marriage services.However, it requires a payment of Rs. 3500 as a fee.

Thane court marriage at pandurang consultancy

For a Court marriage, a bride must be of 18 years old, while the groom must be of 21 years old. There are no restrictions on religion, caste, and community. Couples from same or different communities are free to marry in a court marriage. However, a couple has to be of dissimilar sex i.e. male and female for court marriage. Same-sex marriages are not allowed in it.

A couple has to apply to the marriage officer in marriage office of the city for getting married. Afterward, they have to wait for 30 days. During declaration, a couple needs three witnesses for signing declaration. Eventually, the marriage officer registers it in the marriage certificate book and the couple receives the marriage certificate.So contact us for court marriage in Thane and Mumbai locations at Thane court marriage consultants.

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