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Christian Marriage

A church is always a universal organization of a Christian marriage. It starts with selecting the life partner in which the youths are free to choose their life-partners. They enjoy liberty in this part because of the impact of modern civilization and values. Usually, they finalize the selection process with their parents and children.

Afterward, the Betrothal ceremony or also known as engagement ceremony takes place. Usually, it takes place at the bride’s home in which the couple exchanges the ring. The main process initiates after this formality which includes the following things.

• The couple must provide the church membership certificate along with their character certificate.
• They have to submit an application for the marriage to the church before three weeks of the marriage date. On the particular date in front of witnesses, the clergyman performs the marriage ceremony.
• It is important that bride and groom receive the Clergyman’s blessings even if they married in a Civil court. The different aspects of Christian marriage are covered under the Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872.