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Temple Marriage

The economic prosperity of the population in India is not so good, but the marriages is an extravagant and loud event in a Hindu community. It includes a huge expenditure along with pomp and shows. Obviously, not everyone can afford that. Also, families and society still don’t accept inter-caste marriages in Hindu community. A temple marriage comes into the picture when the couple wants to get married through Hindu traditions without the consent of their families or if they opt to avoid the huge wastage of money. In India, a Temple marriage is widely accepted in the Hindu community.

It includes Hindu rituals and customs of marriage. The famous is the 7 steps around sacred fire according to the Hindu customs. The law also validates such type of marriages. However, it is important to get it registered. A couple must apply for registering marriage after it. Apart from legality, it also adds a divine experience in the marriage. These days, many foreigners visit India for temple marriage.

This type of marriage includes the lavish dressing of Bride and Groom, interesting rituals, sweet mantras binding the couple, and some decorations just like conventional Hindu marriage.